Nuthin ‘ but Blue Skies.

We slipped out in a break in the clouds, but as fast as we set up our tripods, a thunderstorm swept in out of the blue and sent us running back down the mountain trail to our automobiles.

It rained occasionally for the 1st a couple of days of the workshop and we were all a little down. Those sessions helped me a lot since I used to be a beginner nature cameraman. When the clouds cleared again, we went out, and this time the weather held.

It had been a great time to snap the imposing mountains and forests. As a teen, I caught the photography bug, and one or two years later on I started snapping nature. After a bit, those manicured landscapes bored me ; I dreamed about snapping mountains and deserts, the places I saw in photography mags. There are truly good benefits in digital photography. Or pass over the job to the pros. Hence I leafed thru the advertising section of Out of doors Shutter-bug mag. I flew to Calgary and caught a bus to get to the appointed meeting place. As the bus wound thru the mountains, I was amazed. Click here to learn stuff all about wedding photography gallery. He was waving me over to a table where 6 or 7 folk were gathered.

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